Beware of Fraudulent "Cavi-Lipo"

Don’t waste your money on products or services that are not approved for the US, not working at the proper frequency and don’t deliver results. Any unit over 30 KHz just simply doesn’t produce an ultrasound wave capable of creating Cavitation on a cellular level and will produce zero results for clients it’s simple science.

Beware of cheap knock offs calling themselves Cavi, Lipo- contouring or Cavitation machines.

Here's How It Works

Cavi is short for cavitation. Cavitation is the formation of air molecules in a liquid. In our case the liquid is the adipose or fat cell. If you attack the cell with enough stimulation, vibration and disturbance you can create tiny air bubbles within the cell. These microbubbles are negative in pressure to the outside of the cell wall and force their way out bursting the cell. Over the next few days your body will eliminate this material through your liver or lymphatic drainage. It helps improve lymphatic drainage as well as help to detox improving the body’s overall health.

So, it is extremely paramount to operate at a frequency powerful enough to cause cavitation and at 25 Khz Cavi-lipo is the most powerful unit on the market.

It's All About Frequencies

Beware of providers using knock off ultrasound machines that have a frequency of (40 to 60 KHz) because this is too weak and it cannot penetrate into the fat (adipose) or create enough disturbance in the cell to cause cavitation. Many home versions for safety reasons work at this frequency but produce poor or no results at all.

Because our unit utilizes an extremely powerful frequency at 25KHz as a precaution the manufacture specially designed the head of the transducer with a patented ringed surface that deflects the signal preventing it from penetrating too deeply or past the adipose into vital organs or bones. The second handpiece has a special silicon head that allows you to use it on the neck and face without hurting someones ear drums. These two special and patented unique design features are another example why the Cavi-Lipo product is the most popular unit in the world and the only unit on the market with these special and unique features.

Unlike other treatments on the market today Cavi-Lipo™ is one of the few, if not the only treatment, that offers permanent cell destruction. Most systems claim to shrink, reduce, or smooth fat cells but without diet, exercise and special supplements those results are not achieved and or permanent.




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