About Cavi-Lipo

UltrasonicCavitation or Cavi-Lipo is a revolutionary FDA-approved technology that uses gentle focused ultrasound waves to destroy fat cells permanently but leaves remaining body tissue unharmed.

The remnants of the fat cells get absorbed and eliminated by the liver.

Ultrasonic Cavitation or Cavi-Lipo is completely painless and doesn’t require any recovery.
Cavi-Lipo is ideal for slimming and reshaping some areas of unwanted/resistant body fat without affecting the rest.

Cavi-Lipo is not a weight loss program but rather a way of “losing inches” in the desired area.This procedure is not a cure for obesity. If your goal is to lose 30+ pounds, this procedure is not for you. If your goal is to lose several inches, we can help you.


Cavi-Lipo Benefits

Treatment permanently destroys fat cells
Lose 1/2 inch or more with every treatment
Each treatment is 30 minutes per area.
Safe, non-surgical treatment
Great for saddlebags, muffin tops and bat wings
Best results with 3 to 6 treatments
Treatments can be done every 3 days
FDA Approved

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